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We are a proud sponsor of a number of initiatives

As RSI we believe that communities make us who we are and it is always an honor to be able to part-take in CSI projects that help empower our youth. We are excited and further inspired to do more as it is evident that these champions and local students are dedicated and continue to make us proud.

Rakgatlha High School ablution facilities (The renovation and upgrade of new toilets)

Silver Cloud Gospel Choir

Big Stars FC (football)

Vincent Halliday

(A 2nd runner up on World Pool Championships which broadcast on Supersport channel 9th June 2021)



Sydney Kaomo

A Construction Worker since 2014 at Roots Seutlwadi Investments, took part in the Two Oceans Marathon in Cape Town earlier this year and came 2nd. He ran at the 21.1km in only 1h 22min. Roots is a proud sponsor of Sydney in his passion for athletics and continue to be! Well Done Sydney we wish you lots of success going forward and RSI will back you all the way!!

Roots Seutlwadi Investments group gathering at Mooinooi Golf Club.

Roots donate to a local school.

Employee Help Desk

Our HR project with Siyanda Resources.